Rodent pest control in simple words means discouraging infestation of rats and mice. The common invite to rodents is shelter, food and water sources. So you need to seal all the holes inside and outside your home. Once you have an invasion, the problem gets worse with time. So it’s time to clean all the nesting areas inside and outside your house with effective professional pest control.

Many people get kill traps that snap, glue strips that traps them, and others use poison bait. These methods are distasteful, but required in some cases. The poison bait sometimes encourages the rodents to go in search for water, which takes them outside of your homes. The issue with poison bait is that you cannot use them if you have children or pets in the house, as they can consume them. The poison bait come with warnings and instructions, so make sure you read them before using it.

If the rodent pest condition is out of hand you should always hire a licensed professional to help you. As if they have already invaded your living space they might be hiding in corners, and even behind the walls. Rodents can hide in the most small spaces, that can be hard to find. A trained professional will not only help you remove these rodents, but will help to ensure they do not invade again. The best idea is to get rid of the problem once a for all.

There are a few easy ways to recognize rodent infestations, and learning them will help you get to the problem quickly.

  • Dropping in kitchen cabinets, cupboards, bins, drawers, pantries, and places where food is stored.
  • Squeaks are often heard when rodents are around. You might not hear them all the time, but rodents are not quite; you are bound to hear them.
  • Trails and urine pools can be found, which look like grease.
  • Nibble marks on food containing items such as boxes, containers, etc.
  • Rodents make soft nests, so look for soft fuzzy material lying around. Throw out all inside boxes, and clothes.
  • If you smell a weird smell all the time, it’s a sign of rodents.

These are easy ways to spot an invasion and get on with rat and mice pest control to make your home clean and suitable for living. Remember living with a rodent pest problem is unhealthy. There are some situations that cannot be controlled by the prevention methods mentioned above. If you find yourself in a position where all the precautions and suggestions have failed, it would be in your best interest to get professional help.

View Safety Data Sheets for Rodents



Are you experiencing a bird pest control problem? Birds such as pidgeons, magpies and seaguls can be a nuisance. Not only are they noisy and can scare you, they can also create quite mess a mess.

The most common animal we come across on a daily basis are birds. As the human population take down more trees and vegetation and taken over, the birds don’t have many places to go other than around us. They nest in our houses, office building, garages, windows, and any place they can find shelter under, and also leave their mark by using your common areas as their toilets.

Bird pest control requires professional help, to try and reduce the chances of them returning. You can’t just “sshoo” them away for long, as they may refuse to leave, by just coming back. Birds can often build a nest to live and reproduce in, and bring back food. Some birds are otherwise harmless, but others can cary diseases so please be aware.

There are many types of birds out there. It does not matter if you live in an apartment, or a house; there are so many products you can use to take care of the situation yourself, but we use safe products and endevour to remove birds without having to kill them. When using any products on your own make sure that you are wearing the right kind of protection gear. There are many products in the market to help you control birds if they become pests, but first ensure they are safe to use, especially if you have kids or pets.

If you try to remove birds on your own you will have to identify what kind of bird you are dealing with; and to what extent has it spread which is a huge task. For example, Pigeons are a huge risk to health. Their droppings can spread diseases, and it has gotten so worse that many cities have hired people to clean up pigeon droppings, to prevent the spread of disease.

People have started to use other solutions to bird problems, such as electric wire tracks, and spikes to keep birds away. But please keep in mind that such things are not accepted everywhere. You might want to check with your local authorities, as some states allow more animal rights than others.

The easiest option is to hire a professional who can come over and take care of your birds pest control problem. We know exactly what kind of a birds we are dealing with and how to eradicate the problem. We can help you with the local laws, and we are aware of what is allowed and what isn’t allowed when ridding birds from properties. When you hire us as your professional, not only do we get rid of the pesky birds, but we also get rid of any germs the birds have left behind and carried to your house, apartment, office building, cars or even boats.



Termite pest control is extremely important that you get under control. Termite is the common name of a group of chemically complex insects that live in communities as ants do. They have long been known as white ants, But actually termites are more closely related to cockroaches and grasshoppers. Their mouth parts, antennae, thick waists, primitive wings and other features resemble those of cockroaches.

Termites are all over Australia causing millions of damage to homes everywhere they can find food. The problem is so bad that insurance companies may not cover termite damage in your home. This means that if your house is infested with termites, you are going to have pay to have them removed and to have the damage repaired.

Termites digest wood, paper, and other material containing cellulose, with aid of protozoain their bodies. They do much damage in tunnelling through the wood work of houses destroy books and furniture, and do great damage by tunnelling through fence posts, trees, timbers of wooden buildings, bridges, trestles, and other structures. In houses they eat, cloth furniture, books and paper.

A termite inspection is an inspection of the building and property including roof void, sub-floor, internal and external timbers, and trees and fences within the property boundaries. It deals with the detection of live termite activity, and evidence of termite damage, and includes details of areas of risk.
Soldiers – Termite species is Copotermes Acinaciformis which are coming out of Flight holes.This is where Alates fly out each year (which are future kings and queens).

A pre-purchase house inspection should be carried out before a property is purchased. This is is an inspection of the building and property including roof void, sub-floor, internal and external timbers, and trees and fences within the property boundaries. It deals with the detection of live termite activity, borer activity, timber decay, chemical delignification, and evidence of damage caused by these pests and includes details of areas of risk.

View Safety Data Sheets for Termites



Spider pest control can be difficult if not delt with professionally. In Australia spiders are venomous; and are known as predators. Some of them are actually a threat to your health, as spider bites are poisonous. An invasion of spiders are a huge danger to you and your family’s health. Their bites may require immediate medical treatment.

The most effective spiders pest control strategy is to ensure you reduce the pest population from your home. Here are a few spiders pest control tips you can use:

  • Ensure that the windows and doors have sun fitting screens on them, along with door sweeps.
  • Seal all the cracks you see, as they are the main source of spiders and insects to enter your homes.
  • Be aware lights outside your house, will attract small insects for the spiders to feed on.
  • If you are storing anything in your garage, attic, or basement use plastic bags and seal them.
  • Make sure you do a thorough cleaning at least once a month. Remove all spider webs no matter how big or small they are.
  • Wear gloves when handling trash, and gardening.
  • During warm weather, keep a lookout for spiders in areas such as roofs.

These few simple tricks can help ensure the safety of you and your family. So you can live in an healthy environment which is pest free.

If pest control is out of hands, you can always hire a professional who is qualified to use chemicals to get rid of spiders. These chemicals will provide you with a long lasting effect against spiders, but not against humans. Make sure that the professional you are hiring is licensed, and offers services that are safe.

If you have a spider pest control problem at your property book online here to get rid of them >

Types of spiders:

Black Widow or Black Spider

These are timid spiders with bites occurring infrequently, but may be quite painful with local swelling. Nausea, vomiting, sweating and giddiness sometimes occur. Use an ice pack to relieve local pain and seek medical attention is the symptoms persist.

Funnel Web Spiders

The bite is dangerous and can cause serious illness or death. The male venom is more toxic than the female and initial symptoms include local pain, mouth numbness, vomiting, abdominal pain, sweating and salivation. There is an anti-venom available. Immediate action should be taken to apply a pressure bandage and immobilise the bitten limb by splinting. Restrict the movement of the victim. If possible, capture the spider for positive identification.

Huntsman Spiders

Bites usually result only in transient local pain and swelling. However, some Shield Huntsman Spider bites can result in prolonged pain, inflammation, headache, vomiting and irregular pulse rate. An ice pack may relieve local pain, however, seek medical attention if the symptoms persist.

Mouse Spiders

Mouse spider venom may be very toxic, but only one serious envenomation has been recorded, other bites causing minor effects. Funnel Web spider anti-venom may be effective. Where possible, collect the spider for positive identification.

Orb Spiders

Males are often much smaller than females and both are reluctant to bite. Symptoms are usually negligible or local pain only with numbness and swelling with occasional nausea and dizziness. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

Redback Spiders

Redback bites occur frequently. They can cause serious illness and have caused deaths. Because of their small jaws, many bites are ineffective. Common early symptoms are pain, sweating (always including local sweating at the bite site), muscular weakness, nausea and vomiting. An antivenom is available – no deaths have occurred since its introduction. Apply an ice pack to the bitten area to relieve the pain. Do not apply a pressure bandage (venom movement is slow and pressure worsens pain). If possible, collect the spider for positive identification. Seek medical attention.

Sac Spiders

Bites are not common and symptoms are usually minor, including local pain and swelling. Symptoms may also include headache, dizziness, sweating, nausea and local skin ulceration, though most such reports relate to overseas experience. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

White Tail Spiders

Symptoms are usually confined to local mind stinging or burning pain, sometimes followed by development of an itchy lump. Less commonly, bites result in swelling, discolouration and local ulceration, sometimes with nausea and vomiting. There is no conclusive evidence that these spiders regularly cause significant skin damage or ulceration. An ice pack may relieve local pain. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

Wolf Spiders

Symptoms are usually confined to local mind stinging or burning pain, sometimes followed by development of an itchy lump. Less commonly, bites result in swelling, discolouration and local ulceration, sometimes with nausea and vomiting. There is no conclusive evidence that these spiders regularly cause significant skin damage or ulceration. An ice pack may relieve local pain. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

Trapdoor Spiders

Brown trapdoor spiders are often mistaken for Funnel Web spiders but their bites are not dangerous – local pain and swelling may occur. The same goes for the Sigillate Trapdoor Spider, although there is one report of unspecified “severe effects”. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

Bees / Wasps

Bees / Wasps

Do you have a pest control problem with bees or wasps in your home or office?

Bees, and wasps can bite us and cause discomfort and are a health risk. Many of you might not know, that wasps and bees are closely related to ants. As they all belong to the same order of insects known as Hymenoptera. You might have noticed that many bees and wasps live in groups such as ants. But there are some bees and wasps that live a solitary life. You might also have noticed that some wasps closely resemble flies or ants, so be careful around these insects, or call a professional to ensure their safe removal.

When talking about bees we gathered that most people identify bees as “stinging insects”. You may have been stung by a bee in the past, but even though serious complications from bee stings are rare, if you are allergic to their sting it can prove to be serious. If this is the case ensure you get to the hospital for help, as they can be life threatening.

Most of us do not pay much attention towards the buzzing we hear from the ground. Bees and wasps mostly build their nest on the ground, which are usually hidden under some shelter. Be careful when gardening or mowing the lawn as you could accidently upset a nest that is nearby, which can cause attacks. If you do live in a high bee and wasp area be sure to wear protective clothing and glasses.

The real threat you can face is when they build colonies. In which case we can find 100’s of bees and wasps around. Remember if there is any hive you are aware of, do not tackle it yourself as the situation can turn worse if they attack you for disturbing them. If you have spotted any hives around your house call us as your local bee and wasp pest control professional. At Antibug, we have the gear to protect ourselves and you, while handling the bees and wasps situation calmly and with care, so that you and you family can feel safe.

Calling in a professional is the only way to go when dealing with all your bee and wasp pest control. Many people are silly enough to think they can tackle hives on their own, but I would like to warn you not to take such risks. We can save you from a lot of trouble and pain. If you have spotted a small hive call us for help immediately. Don’t risk being stung, especially if you have kids or pets ensure that the surroundings of your house are bee and wasp free, as both children and pets are unable to detect the danger caused by disturbing a hives.



Do you have a cockroach pest control problem? Many of us underestimate the importance of cockroach pest control, and do not realise how it can lead to many problems. If your home is infested with cockroaches you may find your family can get sick from the spread of bacteria and diseases from cochroaches.

Did you know there are more than 3,500 species of cockroaches around the world? The most common varieties in Australia include the German, American and Oriental cockroaches.

Cockroaches as pests can easily get out of hand if not taken care of in time. There are houses that are infested with cockroaches and can be very bottersome and scary for cetain people. There are numerous reasons why you may need professional cockroach pest control, and here are some listed down for you.

  • Amongst many organism cockroaches also carry Gastroenteritis, Salmonella, Dysentery, and other diseases. As cockroaches can easily crawl their way in, they can spread the diseases mentioned above along with others. Cockroaches mainly spread diseases through feces, and they are commonly found in food products.
  • They can also spread germs, and people who suffer from allergies will find their reactions to be worse.
  • Cockroaches undergo multiplication at a record speeds, so it’s best to get them under control if you suspect an infestation.
  • If you or anyone in your house suffers from a respiratory disease be aware. As cockroaches get old (from 3 months old) they shed their skin. This skin can easily become airborne and make your life difficult to breathe.
  • Even if your house is extremely clean, you can have a cockroach pest problem. Reason being they can easily relocate from outside to inside. All they look for are greasy areas, small bits of food behind cupboards, cookers, fridges, etc, so be aware of these areas.
  • They are nocturnal, so they are found in warm and dark areas of the house. Which are hard to reach spots, but not for them.

Cockroaches pest control is very important, and it cannot be stressed upon enough. You need to eliminate them by any means possible. There are many products one can use, but if your situation has grown out of hand; it would be best to hire a professional. You can use sticky traps to find the extent of the problem, and to identify their species. If you feel the problem is not something you can handle, call us and we can offer you some advice in getting rid of them safely. We can help you identify the kind of species you are dealing with, and find out exactly how bad is it.

Our professional cockroach pest removal service will not leave any corners unturned. Not only will we get rid of your pest cockroaches safely and the diseased they bring with them, but we will also guide you on how to prevent an infestation from happening again in the future. Always hire a professional with a license, this will save you time, money and keep you safe from future infestations.

View Safety Data Sheets for Cockroaches



Don’t know what type of bug has invaded your house? A quick call to Antibug and we can help identify the bug and offer you some quick and effective pest control measures. Below is a list of other types of potential insects and bug pest control that we offer.


Silver fish can put holes in your clothes and destroy your favourite dress. Silverfish prefer to live in quiet places such as ceiling, roofs, on walls, bookshelves, built in robes, closets, storage boxes and of course your clothes is what they use for food. They love starches so feeding off plasterboard, book and clothes are common feeding grounds. Silverfish often enter homes via the roof and walls cavities. Silverfish also love damp humid environments. Be sure to keep areas well ventilated. If you suspect you have a silverfish pest control problem be sure to book online with us for fast and safe treatment.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can leave itching bite marks all over your body if you are attacked which can lead to a lot of discomfort. You most likely won’t know you have them until you are bitten and once in your bed they could also be in your closet and clothes. Don’t take chance with bed bugs, and contact us immediately on signals that you may have a bed bugs. Signs that you have Bed Bugs include Blood spotting, faecal marks, egg cases on mattress. If you travel regularly (especially internationally), then common places that you could bring them back are from infested motels, backpackers or hotels.


Fleas are harder to detect and will feast on you and your children. The bites will leave you itching, irritation and scratching. Then there are pet fleas which can bite your dogs, cats etc. The eggs of a flea are tiny, white and oval-shaped, and female flea can lay up to 600 eggs in her lifetime. So be sure to eradicate them in their tracks, by contacting Antibig if you suspect you have a flea pest control problem.


Moths are commonly known as stored product or textile pests. There are various types such as the Angoumois grain moth, Indian meal moth, Mediterranean flour moth, Warehouse moth, Clothes moth and the Case-bearing clothes moth. You will commonly find moths more in the summer periods and in your clothes that have been hung to dry, and they’re also attracted to light. If you are repelled by moths and the powder they spread around, be sure to check that you don’t have a moth infestation. The female can lay between 100 – 700 eggs in and among food source. The eggs usually hatch in 3 – 5 days so be sure to get rid of moths as soon as possible.



Do you believe you have an Ant problem? There is an estimate 1,300 ant species known in Australia. Most common of which are Black ants, Bulldog ants and Brown ants. Certain ant species live in colonies that are supported by a single queen while others are supported by multiple queens, so it’s important to know how to properly get rid of these colonies.

Ants are by far the most obnoxious pests to deal with, as they can easily get anywhere. They can found in so many small places, which can make them harder to get rid of. On of the easiest ways to get rid of them is with professional ants pest control. In commercial areas they can not only be a nuisance, but they can also cost your business a lot of money.

Black Ants feeding on optigard Ant Gel


You will find ants running never ending lines marching inside your house, and it may be hard to find the hidden spot from where they are marching from. They generally march where there are areas that crumbs or water have accidentally fallen on the ground. Be sure do a thorough cleaning regularly around the premises, especially kitchens and behind your appliances.  Ensure that your kitchen counter tops, floors, and any place you store your food is clean.

There are so many things that attract ants. Try removing any and all wood around your property. Bushes around your house that collect mud can lead to ants as they use mud as their home. Make sure that your bushes are not leading to any gutters or other entrance points. Keep your exterior as sanitary as possible, and cover all cracks and opening they can use to enter.

Problems can rise from the number of ants around your property, and you may be required to take serious action. Taking precautions is the best way to deal with any problem. If you feel the problem is not in your control, and no matter what you do is not working; it may be time to call a professional Ant Pest Controller.

Once we have identified your type of ants, we can use a range of powerful treatments to deal with them efficiently. This will ensure that we have fully dealt with problem. Treatments are targeted to the type of ant species in your property, whilst ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

Once the ant problems has been dealt with, you will be instructed on the precautions required to stop them from coming back. If you cannot assess the ant infestation you have and to what extent it has spread, call in Antibug, as your local professional that can help you with your ants pest control needs.

Ants feeding on Maxforce Quantum.

View Safety Data Sheets for Ants