Don’t know what type of bug has invaded your house? A quick call to Antibug and we can help identify the bug and offer you some quick and effective pest control measures. Below is a list of other types of potential insects and bug pest control that we offer.


    Silver fish can put holes in your clothes and destroy your favourite dress. Silverfish prefer to live in quiet places such as ceiling, roofs, on walls, bookshelves, built in robes, closets, storage boxes and of course your clothes is what they use for food. They love starches so feeding off plasterboard, book and clothes are common feeding grounds. Silverfish often enter homes via the roof and walls cavities. Silverfish also love damp humid environments. Be sure to keep areas well ventilated. If you suspect you have a silverfish pest control problem be sure to book online with us for fast and safe treatment.

    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs can leave itching bite marks all over your body if you are attacked which can lead to a lot of discomfort. You most likely won’t know you have them until you are bitten and once in your bed they could also be in your closet and clothes. Don’t take chance with bed bugs, and contact us immediately on signals that you may have a bed bugs. Signs that you have Bed Bugs include Blood spotting, faecal marks, egg cases on mattress. If you travel regularly (especially internationally), then common places that you could bring them back are from infested motels, backpackers or hotels.


    Fleas are harder to detect and will feast on you and your children. The bites will leave you itching, irritation and scratching. Then there are pet fleas which can bite your dogs, cats etc. The eggs of a flea are tiny, white and oval-shaped, and female flea can lay up to 600 eggs in her lifetime. So be sure to eradicate them in their tracks, by contacting Antibig if you suspect you have a flea pest control problem.


    Moths are commonly known as stored product or textile pests. There are various types such as the Angoumois grain moth, Indian meal moth, Mediterranean flour moth, Warehouse moth, Clothes moth and the Case-bearing clothes moth. You will commonly find moths more in the summer periods and in your clothes that have been hung to dry, and they’re also attracted to light. If you are repelled by moths and the powder they spread around, be sure to check that you don’t have a moth infestation. The female can lay between 100 – 700 eggs in and among food source. The eggs usually hatch in 3 – 5 days so be sure to get rid of moths as soon as possible.

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