Do you believe you have an Ant problem? There is an estimate 1,300 ant species known in Australia. Most common of which are Black ants, Bulldog ants and Brown ants. Certain ant species live in colonies that are supported by a single queen while others are supported by multiple queens, so it’s important to know how to properly get rid of these colonies.

    Ants are by far the most obnoxious pests to deal with, as they can easily get anywhere. They can found in so many small places, which can make them harder to get rid of. On of the easiest ways to get rid of them is with professional ants pest control. In commercial areas they can not only be a nuisance, but they can also cost your business a lot of money.

    Black Ants feeding on optigard Ant Gel


    You will find ants running never ending lines marching inside your house, and it may be hard to find the hidden spot from where they are marching from. They generally march where there are areas that crumbs or water have accidentally fallen on the ground. Be sure do a thorough cleaning regularly around the premises, especially kitchens and behind your appliances.  Ensure that your kitchen counter tops, floors, and any place you store your food is clean.

    There are so many things that attract ants. Try removing any and all wood around your property. Bushes around your house that collect mud can lead to ants as they use mud as their home. Make sure that your bushes are not leading to any gutters or other entrance points. Keep your exterior as sanitary as possible, and cover all cracks and opening they can use to enter.

    Problems can rise from the number of ants around your property, and you may be required to take serious action. Taking precautions is the best way to deal with any problem. If you feel the problem is not in your control, and no matter what you do is not working; it may be time to call a professional Ant Pest Controller.

    Once we have identified your type of ants, we can use a range of powerful treatments to deal with them efficiently. This will ensure that we have fully dealt with problem. Treatments are targeted to the type of ant species in your property, whilst ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

    Once the ant problems has been dealt with, you will be instructed on the precautions required to stop them from coming back. If you cannot assess the ant infestation you have and to what extent it has spread, call in Antibug, as your local professional that can help you with your ants pest control needs.

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