Bees / Wasps

    Do you have a pest control problem with bees or wasps in your home or office?

    Bees, and wasps can bite us and cause discomfort and are a health risk. Many of you might not know, that wasps and bees are closely related to ants. As they all belong to the same order of insects known as Hymenoptera. You might have noticed that many bees and wasps live in groups such as ants. But there are some bees and wasps that live a solitary life. You might also have noticed that some wasps closely resemble flies or ants, so be careful around these insects, or call a professional to ensure their safe removal.

    When talking about bees we gathered that most people identify bees as “stinging insects”. You may have been stung by a bee in the past, but even though serious complications from bee stings are rare, if you are allergic to their sting it can prove to be serious. If this is the case ensure you get to the hospital for help, as they can be life threatening.

    Most of us do not pay much attention towards the buzzing we hear from the ground. Bees and wasps mostly build their nest on the ground, which are usually hidden under some shelter. Be careful when gardening or mowing the lawn as you could accidently upset a nest that is nearby, which can cause attacks. If you do live in a high bee and wasp area be sure to wear protective clothing and glasses.

    The real threat you can face is when they build colonies. In which case we can find 100’s of bees and wasps around. Remember if there is any hive you are aware of, do not tackle it yourself as the situation can turn worse if they attack you for disturbing them. If you have spotted any hives around your house call us as your local bee and wasp pest control professional. At Antibug, we have the gear to protect ourselves and you, while handling the bees and wasps situation calmly and with care, so that you and you family can feel safe.

    Calling in a professional is the only way to go when dealing with all your bee and wasp pest control. Many people are silly enough to think they can tackle hives on their own, but I would like to warn you not to take such risks. We can save you from a lot of trouble and pain. If you have spotted a small hive call us for help immediately. Don’t risk being stung, especially if you have kids or pets ensure that the surroundings of your house are bee and wasp free, as both children and pets are unable to detect the danger caused by disturbing a hives.

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